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Model Kit for iOS

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Version 2.0.0 now available!

Model Kit is a set of calculation tools designed for scale model builders, model-railroad enthusiasts, scratch-builders, or anyone else who needs to quickly and easily convert between measurements in different scales, figure out the scale of a model or model part, or perform other modeling-related calculations.

Model Kit for iPhone® and iPod touch® is available on the App Store℠ for only 99¢ (US).

Model Kit v2.0.0
supported devices:
iPhone & iPod touch 
with iOS 6.0 or higher

Changes in Model Kit version 2.0.0:

  • Completely redesigned the UI
    • Optimized for 4" screens
    • UI has been optimized for iOS7
    • Improved readability of input and output registers
    • Improved readability and usability of keypad
  • New "Pyramid" calculator
    1. Choose number of sides
    2. Choose inscribed or circumscribed
    3. Enter height and base and top radii
    4. Generates the trapezoid for each face of the described regular pyramidal solid
  • Convert and Find scale calculators have been split into independent tools for improved usability
  • New "Feet and Inches" mixed output unit setting
  • Input and Output units can now be fully synchronized or fully independent across all registers
  • Contact Support from within the app for reporting issues or feature requests.
  • Features from previous versions:
    • Convert measurements from one scale to another
    • enter arbitrary scales, or select from a library of common numeric scales, architectural & engineering scales, and model railroad scales
    • flag commonly used scales as "favorites" for easy access
    • Calculate unknown scales, and add the calculated scale to the library
    • Convenient Unit converter
    • Cone surface shroud calculator


Model Kit is intended for hobbyists. While every effort has been made to ensure its calculations, no guarantee is given by its creator regarding the precision or accuracy of its calculations.

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